5mm Neoprene Gloves


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A well-designed 5mm neoprene glove in soft and comfortable neoprene, perfect for winter and ice swimming. 

  • 5mm Neoprene gloves made by Swedish diving company, Waterproof – https://waterproof.eu/
  • Superstretch
  • Pre-bent fingers for a perfect fit.
  • Non-slip protection for extra grip.
  • Size unisex: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Care – Remember to rinse the gloves thoroughly “in and out” after each swim and then hang to dry.

Size guide –  Measure the circumference of your hand – across palm, above thumb, below knuckles. These gloves are designed to be fairly tight-fitting to be most effective.

  • XS – 18cm-20cm
  • S – 20cm-22cm
  • M – 22cm-24cm
  • L – 24cm-26cm
  • XL – 26cm-28cm
  • XXL – 28cm +

Example – SwimWild Alice’s hands are 19.5cm (circumference) and she wears XS, which are a good, snug fit, perfect for winter swimming and handling ice.


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