Welcome to SwimWild

Welcome to SwimWild, a new and exciting company based in the Highlands of Scotland.

SwimWild has been set up with two main aims. Firstly to help people to get out and enjoy the amazing, world-class swimming that we have in Scotland through a range of guided swim adventures and events. Secondly to provide open water swim coaching for swimmers of all ages and abilities, ranging from complete beginners to experienced swimmers who want to refine their technique.

SwimWild is all about having fun and building confidence and skills in open water in breathtakingly beautiful parts of Scotland’s Highlands & Islands. Whether you want to explore remote beaches and mountain lochs, improve your confidence in open water or have a race or long distance swim challenge coming up, SwimWild can help you to find your perfect adventure and achieve your dreams!

SwimWild has been set up by Alice Goodridge, an experienced long-distance swimmer and swimming coach with years of experience introducing swimmers to the joys of swimming outdoors and helping people to achieve their goals.

Alice has numerous solo marathon swims under her belt, including the English Channel, Lake Zurich and Loch Lomond, and have been coaching and guiding swimming holidays and training camps in the UK and overseas since 2012.

In 2014 Alice moved from the South Coast of England to the Scottish Highlands and instantly fell in love with the incredible lochs, stunning beaches of the west coast and amazing islands. SwimWild has been created to provide more exceptional opportunities and experiences for swimmers in Scotland and beyond.

You will find a few dates for adventures and events on the website so far, but stay tuned as this is just the start! We will also be launching our selection of guided day swims, swim adventure weekends and swim technique workshops in due course. If you can’t find the information that you are looking for, please click here just get in touch for more details.

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See you in the water!


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